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  Our Partners  

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Leica Microsystems 


Laboratory Instruments & Supplies are the exclusive distributor for Leica Microsystems products in Ireland

Giles Scientific


The BIOMIC V3 Microbiology System and TRINITY V3** Antibiotic Zone Reader  

Pfm Medical


pfm medical ag, Supplying Microtome and Autopsy blades as well as a new range of Histology Equipment. 

Sensofar Medical

Providing dedicated inspection systems of implantable medical devices and components, including stents and heart valves.


Medical Wire


Innovative solutions MWE Produce Virocult®, Sigma-Swab®, Polywipe™ and Rapid Test Strips™ .

Dakewe Medical


Manufacturer of Technologicallly advanced Histology Equipment including Tiisue Processors, Stainers Coverslippers and Cryostats. 

201804191811121112 (1).png

3D Histech


As the first European manufacturer, 3DHISTECH is one of the market leaders in the world with more than 1000 sold systems.



State of the art optical inspection systems  for high resolution visual inspection, quality control, 

 Adam Equipment


Adam Equipment supply Analytical, Top pan and High capacity balances. 

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